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 Where does one begin? I guess my story is similar to many Lab breeders in that my parents had Labs when  I was a child and it’s really the only breed I feel passionate about. I never could resist lying on the floor  using my Dad’s hunting dog, Buddy, as a pillow and passing the time rubbing those ever so soft ears.
 After college, I wrapped myself into my nursing career, until a friend set me up with a blind date. I never  believed in love at first sight but when I opened my door and I saw Moye Daniel standing there, I knew I  had just met the original “Mr. Wonderful”.  Sorry ladies……… the rest are only imitations! Three months  later we were married and that was almost thirty seven years ago.

 We lived in my condo for several years but Moye wanted to

 eventually move to the country. He knew I not only loved

 horses, but Labradors too. As we discussed our dream of

 finding land, he told me that whenever we finally were able

 to build our new home, he wanted to own a black, a yellow

 and a chocolate Labrador.  (Labradors come in ONLY three colors)
 In November 1984, we moved into our sweet country castle and for Christmas I gave Moye a laundry  basket filled with three Lab puppies. That was the beginning of Mar-Moye Labradors. Like many kennels,  the name is an off shoot of our names, Marion and Moye. We built a five run kennel with concrete flooring,  a shed roof, attached igloos to the front of each and topped it off with a hand laid brick walkway and  hanging baskets of flowers.
                                                         Our dog future wasn’t really planned, but we both enjoyed having the                                                          dogs swim in the pond and run as Allison, our daughter, and I took                                                                long horse rides across the surrounding fields. Eventually, we did have                                                          puppies. I guess my built-in love of caring for the living kicked in and                                                            I instantly loved having the babies. Fortunately with one of our early                                                            litters, a friend involved in showing, came to look at our puppies.  One thing lead to another and the next thing I knew, she had me (and God only knows with which dog) at a  dog show. I was petrified at first but it didn’t take me long to realize I needed a different type of Lab from  what was sitting in my backyard. The English type - the correct type Labrador was what I needed.  Again  fate kicked in and we were able to purchase a two year old son of an English Import, CH Receiver Of  Cranspire and CH Pine Valley’s Welcove Cremora.
 We spent the next couple of years with limited showing and absolutely no success, but through wonderful  mentoring, much patience and guidance, we began to be able to “see” the dogs and understand and  appreciate their structure, their movement, their abilities, their talents and most of all their passion for  people. We feel very blessed to have bred many wonderful champions in the conformation show ring, hunt  test, obedience/rally and in especially in the hearts of their owners.
 Today, I am an approved AKC judge for Labradors                                                          
and enjoy the  opportunities to travel and see Labs from all parts                                                         of the country.  Moye & I continue to strive towards the goal of                                                              producing a better,

 more correct Labrador. Although we primarily                                                                participate in  breed conformation, our primary goal is to produce a                                                     well rounded  Labrador,  who possesses a mild temperament, an eagerness to retrieve, while  making himself comfortable  lying by your feet.   Keeping The Labrador Retriever Breed Standard as our  guide, we carefully select  breeding stock that are not only structurally correct, but have all the genetic clearances necessary to  assure ourselves we are producing as sound a dog as possible. We are constantly striving to improve the  breed with each breeding and have to admit the breedings are done for us so we can have some young  ones coming along to hopefully be able to show. Naturally we can't keep them all and we carefully select  families to provide our babies with their forever homes.
 When we look back and see one of our earlier goals was to make the “cut” at a Specialty (and we still get  just as excited today, when we do) and now to see all the unbelievable goals we’ve actually achieved, we  know now, that dreams do come true! It is very difficult to share in such a short space, all our joys and  pleasures these dogs have brought to us in the past 35 plus years, not to mention the wonderful and caring  people and friends this hobby has brought into our lives. Just when we think it couldn’t get any better, it  does. I guess that’s what keeps us going!  Thank you for visiting Mar-Moye Labradors. We hope you enjoy  your visit! 

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