CH Mar-Moye Surprise From Blackthorn

​                                 "Prissy"

​​(Abbie/Ch. Valleywood Blackthorn Brier)

 Mar-Moye Waterbound Birdie CDX RE JH WC CGC TDI 


 (Delta/CH Boradors Alligator Shoes)

 CH Mar-Moye Rackin Up The Miles From Oakhaven 

​                                              "Millie"

(Alanna/Ch. Sunnydaze Running Across The Miles)

  SHR Mar-Moye Fleetwood Mac UDX VER RN SH CGC TT 

​                                                   "Mac"

(Rhiannon/Ch. Borador's By George)

 Oakfell & Mar-Moye's Christmas Cheer 


(Rhiannon/Ch. Wiscoy's Robin)

  Mar-Moye Edward Cullen UDX OM1 VER MH CGC


(Smoochie/Ch. Mt. Meadows Black Eye Affair)

 CH Mar-Moye Ziva’s Angel 


​(Ziva/Ch. Fortune's Jailbreak)

CH Mar- Moye Trouble At Twilight Belquest Conclusion


Bella/MBIS GCH. Gateway's Nothin' But Trouble

 CH Mar-Moye Low Country Geechee

​                         "Geechee"

​(Abbie/Ch. Dickendall Davaron Gable)

 CH Mar-Moye Obi-Wan Kenobi  "Ben"

 (Delta/Ch. Dickendall Davaron Mistrial, JH)

   Mar-Moye Twilight Affair


(Smoochie/Ch. Mt. Meadows Black Eye Affair)

 GCH CH Mar-Moye Benjamin


​​(Bella/Ch. Fortune's Blueprint)

 CH Mar-Moye Low Country Gullah CD RN JH

​                                          "Gullah"

(Abbie/Ch. Dickendall Davaron Gable)

BISS ​BGCH CH Mar-Moye Special Agent Gibbs


​​Angel /Ch Elhid's Average Joe)

 Mar-Moye Miss Haley


 (Delta/Ch. Dickendall Davaron Mistrial, JH)

 CH Mar-Moye Kiss Em and Leave Em           "Smoochie"

​(Rhiannon/Ch. Wiscoy's Robin)

 CH Mar-Moye Over And Under


​(Abbie/Ch. Valleywood Blackthorn Brier)

BISS CH Mar-Moye Horne's Director Sheppard


MBISS GCH Mar-Moye Special Agent Gibbs/Bella

GCH CH Jusright The Dark Knight CB BN RA MH CGC

the 8th AKC GCH/Master Hunter

Ginger/MBISS BGCh Jusright Nikolaus via Crystal

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 CH Mar-Moye Social Event At Kai Den


 (Abbie/Ch. Kai Den's Black Tie Affair)

Moye & Marion Daniel

Evans, Georgia

Mar-Moye Labra​dors

 MBISS CH Mar-Moye Rhiannon At Oakfell 

​                                     "Rhiannon"

​​(Abbie/Ch. Valleywood Blackthorn Brier)

Our Foundation Bitch,

​CH Waterbound Miss Delta Dash


​ (Ch. Blackstone's Waterbound Troy/Ch. Waterbound Chere)

 Mar-Moye Agent Ziva 


​(Rhiannon/Ch. Waiffin's Fly Cabot To Torngat)

 Please enjoy our family tree.  We  are  proud to be in our 8th  generation of  Champions.

 MBISS CH Mar-Moye Georgia Always On My Mind 


​​(Abbie/Ch. Valleywood Blackthorn Brier)

 Mar-Moye Double Diamond 

​  "DeeDee"

(GeeChee/Ch. Nip'ntuck Hyspire Unforgettable)

 CH Mar-Moye Love Affair At Kai Den WC


​(Abbie/Ch. Kai Den's Black Tie Affair)

Mar-Moye My Friend Ginger


Alanna/MBISS GCH Julsby Hey Good Lookin'



(Buddy/Mar-Moye Waterbound Darby)